Mikey's Testimonials

They will custom make any sammy to your liking, and Mike and his employees couldn't be friendlier. Plus, the prices are great. I recommend stopping in, and grabbing a bite!

“Taste of the home in PVR - US style deli”

What a wonderful selection of sandwiches, and, home baked breads of all sorts. I had the best 3 bean salad and salami sandwich I ever had in Mexico. My husband had a great turkey sandwich and potato salad

After eating Mexican food for a week, it was refreshing to find a deli that made sandwiches and salads familar to my US taste buds. Find Mikey's. Well worth it!

I want to tag on here with a whopping recommendation for Mickey's Deli (no it is not the same place as posted by elcala). I shopped there most days of my recent 10 day stay.


Our party ended up visiting numerous times throughout the month, and each visit was better than the last. The case is full of great salads and hard to find items. I am going to miss the pastrami, and the fresh baked breads. I highly recommend this deli.

“This is a YUMMY deli!!”

My husband and I were so impressed with this ultra clean, quaint, delicious, friendly family run business. We had a great sandwich on wonderful artisan bread, homemade potato salad, and a great glass of Spanish wine from the attached wine shop. The outdoor rooftop seating was soooo pleasant, and Mikey from San Fransisco was so attentive to all our needs.

“OMG-best sandwiches ever!”

Went there with family and we enjoyed a variety of sandwiches, not once but twice cuz they were that good.

Everything is so fresh and so clean. The twice baked potatoes are the best I have ever eaten and we got some great lean and wonderfully juicy NY strip steaks for the BBQ. You really have to go to this place and just enjoy the aromas and the freshest of product. Lots of prepared salads and cheeses and meats (deli and other). I will definitely go back when I return to PV!


OK, as stated in previous reviews, I've made it clear that I'm a confirmed "foodie", eating out most meals in my life. With all the dining experiences that I've had worldwide, I think that I can safely make this statement: The duck sandwich at this adorable little deli in the Los Mercados fine foods courtyard is the VERY BEST SANDWICH I've EVER eaten ANYWHERE EVER! OMIGOD!

We loved it! At the deli, wonderful salads, deli meats, crackers such as Carr's water buscuits, large assortment of cheeses, mustards, olives, dill pickles . . .

The deli is really a fun place and the owners are very friendly and willing to chat and give help to any customer. They have handcut steak (filet mignon, New York Strip, etc) lots of different homemade salads (we have tried several and they are terrific) and also sell some excellent breads (baked locally).

What i wouldn't have given for one of his sandwiches on the menu for the plane ride back!!!

I can't say enough great things about Los Mercados, and especially Mikey's Deli. Everything from the fresh baked breads, salads, pates, and of course the sandwiches were EXCELLENT. The deli case is PACKED with great items, which poses another problem...what to choose?!!

Wow, that one is not to be forgotten or missed!!! Great big sammies, top notch ingredients. Cruise by Los Mercados and check it out, and give Mike my best. It has become our go-to place for AMAZING sandwiches and picnic items.
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